Get there with DELIX

DELIX is not just another Internet Service Provider.

Co-promoted by DEPL (now Dinesh Engineers Ltd.), DELIX is creating a single, large connectivity platform across DEPL's vast OFC network of thousands of Kilometres to connect every Indian everywhere to ultra hi-speed Internet by blending multiple solutions, technologies and CDNs to deliver affordable, reliable and ultra-high speed Internet Access.

DELIX aims to leverage this platform to trigger the long-awaited revolution in the Broadband space by making premium quality yet affordable Broadband experience available to the masses not only the Tier-1 cities but also in Tier-2 cities, Tier-3 towns and far-flung villages of India.

Best Internet Bandwidth

DELIX offers guaranteed afforable Optimised Pure Internet Bandwidth.

Bilateral Peering

DELIX offers Bilateral Peering with all major Peering Providers (CDNs) to ISPs.

High Speed

DELIX offers Ultra Hi-speed Broadband to End-users.

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